A Time-Traveling Adventure Series Helping Children Discover the Bible and Grow in Faith

Join Peter, Mary, and their dog Hank as they discover ancient scrolls and travel  back in time to stories in the Bible. They find a world filled with wonder, adventure, and danger. They must search for clues to solve the secret of the scrolls ... or they will be stuck there forever.

The series contains a rich cast of supporting characters, including Great-Uncle Solomon, the eccentric archaeologist who discovered the scrolls, and the angel Michael, who guides the children on their quests. 

Perfect for emerging readers ages 6 - 9, homeschooling families, and lovers of adventure, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls brings beloved Bible stories to adventurous life.

The Books

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In The King is Born, Peter, Mary, and Hank journey back in time to Bethlehem, where the Roman Empire rules and a new King is about to be born. Follow along as the time-traveling trio discovers the newborn King, helps the Magi, and runs into a dangerous Roman Commander.

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Book 1: The Beginning

In the first title in the series, The Beginning, Peter, Mary, and Hank stumble across ancient scrolls and find themselves witnessing the creation of the world. Can they decode the scroll’s message before they get trapped in history forever? Children will root for the trio as they ride rhinos, meet the angel Michael, and talk to a certain snake in the Garden of Eden.

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Book 2: Race to the Ark

In Race to the Ark, Peter, Mary, and their faithful dog, Hank, travel back to the time of Noah. With only seven days to solve the riddle of the scroll and escape the impending flood, the trio must race to help Noah and his family finish the ark. Along the way, Peter and Mary evade a group of young troublemakers and come face-to-face with a mysterious man known as the Dark Ruler.

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Book 3: The Great Escape

In The Great Escape, Peter, Mary, and Hank journey to the pyramid-studded desert of ancient Egypt. When the trio befriends Pharaoh's daughter, they witness first-hand as Moses petitions Pharaoh for the Israelites' freedom. Plagues wreak havoc as the group races to solve the scroll, gets chased by a panther, and battles Pharaoh's cunning advisor, the Great Magician.

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Book 4: Journey to Jericho

In Journey to Jericho, the time-traveling trio journeys to an ancient desert to find the Israelites preparing to enter the Promised Land. With limited time to solve the secret of the scroll, Peter, Mary, and Hank go on a spy mission to Jericho; sneak Rahab to safety; and ultimately face the scheming “man in black” as the walls of the city begin to crumble.

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Book 5: The Shepherd’s Stone

In The Shepherd’s Stone, the time-traveling trio wind up in Bethlehem, where they quickly befriend a young David. When David brings food to the his brothers on the battlefield, Peter and Mary go with him and witness the mighty taunts of the giant Goliath. As the clock runs out, Peter and Mary uncover a treacherous plot, help David prepare to face Goliath, and battle a mischievous and familiar enemy.

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Book 6: The Lion’s Roar

In The Lion’s Roar, Peter, Mary, and Hank travel back in time to the bustling city of Babylon, where Daniel is about to get thrown into the lions' den. When Peter and Mary meet Shadrach and Daniel, they learn that there are new laws that make it illegal to worship or pray to anyone but the king. As time to solve the scroll runs out, Peter and Mary face their biggest challenge yet - a sneaky high priest who wants to get them thrown into the lions' den with Daniel.

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The Author

M. J. Thomas

M. J. Thomas grew up in Florida playing sports and riding his bike to the library and an arcade named the Cosmic Cowboy. He graduated from Liberty University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

When his son Peter was nine years old, Mike went searching for books that would teach Peter about the Bible in a fun, imaginative way. Finding none, he decided to write his own series. In The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, Mike combines biblical accuracy with adventure, imagination, and characters who are dear to his heart. Peter is named for Mike's son Peter; Mary, for his niece; and Hank, for the family dog.

Mike lives in Tennessee with his wife, Lori; two sons, Payton and Peter; and their dog, Hank.

Find out why Mike writes The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.

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What People Are Saying

Here’s what kids are saying about The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls:

“Your books are so exciting! They help me learn what happened in the Bible.” Jonah S. 

“I learned that God always has your back and we can count on Him.” Madison M.

“I would love to read more!” Gracie Y.

“I learned that God will always be there for you and I also learned that the Bible is a fantastic book!” Grant S.

“I learned that God will handle all of your needs but not always in the way you think.” Anderson R.

“God and the Bible are amazing.” Thomas S.

Here’s what parents and teachers of saying:

“The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls was a perfect read for my students. They laughed, gasped, and felt the suspense as if they themselves were written right into the pages of the book. A must read for every child!”
Johannha Mackin, 3rd grade teacher and mother

“This book is a must read! It became the talk of our class from the very first page. Not only was it fun and exciting, but it led us through the Biblical events in a way we had never experienced before. I am in agreement with my students … we want more!”
Katie Horn, 2nd grade teacher

“As a language arts teacher, I am constantly on the search for books that will capture the interest of my students and create in them a hunger for being life-long readers. This can be a challenge. My students, however, did not want this book to end! This is must read for any child who enjoys adventure, mystery, and friendship!”
Heather McMurry, Language Arts teacher and mother

“My 8-year-old loves this series and keeps asking me when the next book is coming out. As a dad, I’m grateful for Mike’s ability to draw kids into the stories of the Bible in a fresh way.”
Josh Harris, bestselling author and father